Smartsuit plugin for Unity 5
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 CSmartsuitControlsExample that demonstrate how to use the smartsuit commands interface.
 CSmartsuitDiagnosticsThis class links to a Smartsuit instance and displays it's current state for all individual sensors.
 CSmartsuitSelectorThis class demonstrates how to implement a basic ui panel to select which Smartsuit to assign to a specific SmartsuitActor.
 CSmartsuitStatusUI behavior that displays an actor's status.
 CIRequestInterface that defines the basic methods of a request that can be queued and receive response from the Smartsuit.
 CSmartsuitReceiverActs as the communication layer between the studio and the suit.
 CSmartsuitInfoSmartsuitReceiver uses this class to hold information about smartsuits available on the network.
 CUDPReceiverReceives data from the specified port and handles them.
 CBodyDetailed description of body bone lengths
 CBodyModelClass that contains information about a user profile.
 CBoneMappingThis struct defines all the bones required to animate a body with a Smartsuit
 CFrameRepresents the last received parsed frame of a smartsuit.
 CInitializingStateThis struct contains information about the initialization state of a Smartsuit inside unity
 CMCUContains information about a received sensor from the hub.
 CScaleAvatarScales an avatar based on body model information and applies the color of the BodyModel in the Character's materials..
 CSensorReceiverThis class receives data from SmartsuitReceiver for a specific Smartsuit.
 CSmartsuitBase abstract class for smartsuit behaviour. This class should be overriden by actors that should implement the character behaviour.
 CSmartsuitActorBase Smartsuit actor class, use this as a base class and override accordingly.
 CSmartsuitHubInfoContains serial number and firmware version information about a suit.
 CSmartsuitLinkedGeneric behavior that retrieves data from a Smartsuit instance. T corresponds to the type of the Smartsuit this behavior expects to link to.
 CSmartsuitSensorInfoDetails about a specific sensor.
 CSmartsuitSensorsInfoThis struct contains details about a suit, like serial numbers, firmware versions etc.
 CSmartsuitTransformWhen we ask a Smartsuit about it's position and rotation this struct is returned providing the information from the Smartsuits response
 CThreadableThreadable provides functionality to queue tasks to run in the main thread, from other threads.